How Writerpreneurs Can Leverage the Creator Economy for Success

It’s important more than ever

Sobaan Saeed


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You probably know from experience that putting feelings into words helps you feel better.

For a long time, I thought I would never make a penny from writing. But fortune has decided something else for me.

As I found out, writing is a way to earn money online. The key was understanding how to turn writing into a sustainable business.

So let me list all ways I know can help you thrive in this creator’s economy to become a full-time writer. Or, as I’d like to call it, ‘writerpreneur’ because writing today isn’t limited to being an author.

Endless Prospects

Writerpreneurs have various opportunities in the creator economy, whether you dreamt of becoming a bestselling author, a freelance writer, or an influential thought leader in your niche.

By tapping into your unique voice, you can carve out your path and shape the future of your writing career.


Publishing books has always been challenging, but not as of now. It’s a way to distill hard-learned knowledge into 200 pages.

It allows the expertise to share valuable insights about specific niches to help people learn and grow.

These can be self-help books that encourage readers to overcome challenges, set goals, and pursue their dreams. It can provide practical guidance regarding various realms. It solely depends on you.

Recently, I published my first eBook. Check it out!

After writing your book, you can use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or any other platform to publish your book.


Nowadays, setting up a website is not an issue. But it is optional to start your blog from the ground up.

You can use Medium or Blogger for that. These platforms provide readers access and help writers build their brands. And the monetization criteria are also very simple.

My friend, ASAD EDUCATE, followed the same technique. He has established his brand. Now, he utilizes the audience from Medium…



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